Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Family of Websites

A small flurry of requests for historic information lately has inspired me to revive Local History Explorer and get it linked to the outside world. It'll be a great place to keep track of and respond to these inquiries.

Here’s a quick review of my little family of websites, all of which have new material or will have over the next few weeks.

Historic Jeffco: One-stop links page for access to historical information about Jefferson County, Colorado. New links are solicited. Easy access to articles, county webpages, Jeffco cemetery info, and more! Contribute to our Monuments page by letting me know which ones I’m missing. Also visit the Placenames Directory, maintained by the Jefferson County Historical Commission (JCHC).

Another resource, the Jefferson County Cultural Resource Survey, has recently become available online, also courtesy JCHC.

Historic Red Rocks: A portal to the most significant sites about Red Rocks Park, as well as a repository for other info that comes my way.

Historic Morrison: New material will be up soon, but meanwhile find lots of great reference information on this historic town.

Mountain Parks History: Exploring the history of the Denver Mountain Parks, especially through historic documents and images. Visit the Then/Now pages. Sponsored and maintained by the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation and City & County of Denver.

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